Private Investigations Serving Torrance & All of Los Angeles County

Highlow Bail Bonds is operated by a group of Los Angeles Private Investigators that has been providing investigation services for the past 20 years. We have the proper certifications and licenses required to carry out Private Investigations. Armed with the relevant tools of the trade, we can churn out the precise information that our clients need. Highlow Bail Bonds is located in the city of Torrance, but we provide our services for the entire Los Angeles & South Bay areas. We offer the following services:

Training & Assessment

The company offers the best training for corporate, educational and private needs. Dr. Rehan Nazir, D.B.A., J.D., M.B.A., M.A.F.M., M.H.R.M., B.S., A.S., A.A. leads the Los Angeles private investigators team. Nazir has a wide experience in the field of law enforcement and extensive security measures.Security training is especially important these days when incidents in public places or institutions leave many with unnecessary injuries.Highlow Bail Bonds offers safety training in a variety of fields that include random acts of violence, shooter response for law enforcement, workplace shootings and workplace violence.The company also provides security assessment services. We can assess the safety and security levels of a facility or institution.

Asset Investigations & Asset Search

Cases of individuals concealing their assets are on the rise. During cases of fraudulent activities or litigation, investigators need accurate information on an individual’s assets. This can prove difficult without the services of private investigators. At Highlow Bail Bonds, we have a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the field. The team can carry out assets investigations for various reasons. These include joint assets before a divorce, bankruptcy, verification of hidden assets, when individuals with to start a joint business and preparation for litigation. Some people often rely on websites for such information but they don’t realize that information on random websites may be outdated or deliberately misleading.

Background Checks

While it is possible to trust people and institutions before choosing to engage them, a minor, odd bit of information can make you question their credibility. Highlow Bail Bonds, through the Los Angeles Background Check services, can delve into any background and unearth all the relevant information. We strive to remain confidential even as we unobtrusively obtain all manner of information concerning an individual or organization. Although such information is usually confidential, our experts can make it available if necessary in a court of law. Forget about the random information available online since it may not be necessarily accurate.

Cheating Spouse Investigator

The possibility of your spouse cheating on you can be quite distressing. You may spend many sleepless nights wondering whether they are actually cheating or not. Save yourself the trouble by engaging the Los Angeles cheating spouse investigator.Certain signs in a relationship may point to infidelity. They include a declining sexual interest, irrational secrecy about their cellphones, email accounts and internet use and a discrepancy in their financial records. Once you reach out, our Los Angeles private investigators get to work immediately by creating a confidential surveillance plan.

Surveillance Investigations

Most investigations require close surveillance of the subject. This can be tricky because there is always the risk that the subject may discover that they are being watched.When this happens, the investigations become difficult because the mark may change their routines and work hard to elude the dragnet. However, Highlow Bail Bonds put to rest such concerns by observing the highest levels of professionalism and using the most advanced tools and equipment for the job. Several reasons such as worker injury claims, witness location may necessitate the need for surveillance.The company uses audio visual equipment to back up findings.

Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation can be quite complicated. This is where Highlow Bail Bonds comes in. The firm strives to make the process as simple as possible so as to minimize their client’s tax liability.The company basically helps clients to solve their life’s problems. Through the Individual Tax Preparation service, we help our clients to easily file their 1040 and 1040X city taxes. Business owners benefit greatly from the Business Tax Return Preparation service in which professionals at Highlow Bail Bonds help them file their tax returns. Other services include Partnership and Corporate Tax Preparation, Gift and estate Tax Return Presentation and Tax and Education Planning.

Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Sometimes, employees make claims on money not entitled to them. Such cases are not very common but businesses have to be on the lookout. Highlow Bail Bonds conducts thorough research to ensure that businesses do not lose their money to fraudulent claims by employees. If an employee comes forward with a compensation claim, the investigators go underground to establish the validity of such claims.

Highlow Bail Bonds goes to any lengths to ease clients’ consciences and ensure that investigations turn a positive result.