Torrance Live Scan Fingerprinting

Live scan fingerprinting, commonly known as a Live Scan, is an inkless and electronic means of capturing an individual’s fingerprints in a digitized format, and then submitting them to the state or local police, and/or the FBI where applicable, for further processing. Previously, fingerprint capturing was done by applying ink to the fingers of an individual, then rolling them on a fingerprint card before sending them for analysis. This ink method was inherently cumbersome, messy and prone to capturing poor image quality. This therefore often gave poor results.

With a Torrance live scan, fingerprints are processed electronically and therefore criminal responses can be provided within hours or even received within 3 to 5 days if requested via email. A percentage of the nation’s population has hard to read fingerprints because of the conditions or situations which they may have been exposed to. Some include age, exposure to some works such as construction or the use of harsh cleaning materials. This makes it hard for their fingerprints to be captured with the traditional ink fingerprinting method, but with a live scan, it’s not only easy, but also accurate.

If you are looking for a place to get your Torrance live scan fingerprinting, you need not look anymore. Highlow Bail Bonds is here for you! Our state-of-the art live scan equipment and highly trained staff are able to maximize on the quality of all fingerprint images obtained. This reduces the likelihood of your fingerprints being considered illegible and therefore reducing the overall application processing time. The fingerprints are then searched against the state of California criminal history database and/or the FBI criminal database where it is applicable.


Professional Live Scan Services

Highlow Bail Bonds is Torrance’s most reliable and convenient live scan fingerprinting service. The state of California approved live scan fingerprinting in the year 1997, and it has since proven to be very reliable in sourcing for background information needed for a variety of purposes. Most often, Torrance live scan is required as a condition for employment, certification, licensing and more. The live scan is needed when criminal background checks are necessary before employment and licensing within the state of California.

Other important reasons for getting a Torrance live scan fingerprint include;

  • For police clearances
  • For VISA/Immigration
  • For teaching abroad applications
  • FBI history summary request
  • Foreign adoptions
  • CCW and personal record reviews
  • Foreign volunteer work

For whatever reason you require a Torrance live scan for, Highlow Bail Bonds is here for you. Serving the whole of Torrance, CA, area and its surroundings including Carson, Compton, Redondo Beach, Gardena and Hawthorne, Highlow Bail Bonds is your number one all-stop shop for your live scan fingerprinting needs.

We Capture all Fingerprints

With our high-end Torrance live scan equipment; we only capture accurate and high quality fingerprints from even the hardest of all our applicants. You can trust that with our many years of experience, adequate resources, and the expertise of highly trained technicians, your fingerprints will be accepted by the Department of Justice or the FBI instantly. At Highlow Bail Bonds, we greatly value customer satisfaction as well positive feedback from them. For this, we always ensure that we do not only offer affordable live scan fingerprinting services, but also deliver on quality and reliability. We recognize the urgency of completing the Torrance live scan process fast and right “the first time” in order to ensure that your certification, licensing, or commencement of employment is not delayed.

Accurate Torrance Live Scan Fingerprint Results

Live scan technology allows you to get a significantly shorter turnaround from the Federal Bureau of Investigations or the California Department of Justice than the traditional method of fingerprinting which required the shipping of ink and paper prints. Live scanning is reliable as law enforcement bodies are better placed at being able to identify individuals and tell if they are criminal suspects or if they have criminal history records.

Mobile Live Scan Fingerprinting Available

To offer you more convenience and reliability, we have mobile fingerprint services that enable us to come where you are instead of you having to visit our offices. Do you have a group of employees, applicants, volunteers or students that need fingerprinting? Do not worry yourself on how this is going to be done. Highlow Bail Bonds provides mobile Torrance live scan services to save you travel expenses and time. Just contact us today and arrange for an appointment. We will be at your location as soon as you need us!

Major advantages of live scan fingerprinting as compared to the traditional fingerprinting method

There are many advantages of the Torrance live scan fingerprinting method in the field of modern-day fingerprinting. First, live scanning is clean because it does not create a messy working space as the traditional method of using ink did. With a live scan, you do not have to get your fingers dirty with some ink that is even hard to clean off. Sometimes the ink would even catch on to your clothes and make a bad mess. Live scanning only requires you to roll your fingers on the scanning machine just as they are, and it’s done!

Second, with a live scan fingerprint, there is no chance of human error as there was with the ink fingerprint method. With traditional ink fingerprinting, a lot could happen during the fingerprint capturing process, leading to errors and thus incorrect data collection. Common mistakes would occur during the administration process of the procedure; from the rolling of an applicant’s fingers to the amount of ink used in the inkpad. Mistakes could also occur on the fingerprint card, leading to wrong identification of the applicant. A live scan is easy to undertake and offers very accurate results. It even captures fingerprints for individuals whose prints are difficult to identify with the traditional ink fingerprinting method.

Third, the time lapse between the actual time of capturing the fingerprints with traditional method, to the time of their return from the processing lab could extend for weeks or even months. On the other hand, Torrance live scan fingerprint capturing enables your fingerprints to be processed and returned to your live scanning agency within just three days.

Today, almost all states have adopted and mandated the compulsory undertaking of live scan fingerprinting for all applicants working in positions that concern the vulnerable members of the society. These include the elderly, mentally ill, children, and the physically disabled. As care communities and homes are investing in taking good care of these groups, live scan fingerprinting has come a long way in helping them to easily undertake background checks on the individuals applying to work or care for these groups.

It is without a doubt that live scan fingerprinting had been one of the greatest innovations and achievements for the field of personal identification. It has completely revolutionized and modernized the science of fingerprinting.

Highlow Bail Bonds strives to deliver you with precise images that are readily accepted by the systems and processed fast. Why wait for unnecessarily long for a background check to complete making that job application or state licensing and certification? Let us take the burden from you and deliver you accurate images that will be processed right “the first time”.

Call or visit our offices today and experience our level of hospitality, professionalism and friendly live scan services. Call Highlow Bail Bonds today at 310-487-2428