Bail Bonds in Torrance CA

If you have been on the wrong side of the law, or your loved one has, an arrest can leave you wondering about many things likely to happen. You could be left wondering now what next? What about my family? What about my bills? What about my job? Or how do I help my loved one now? Well, while the final outcome of a trial in Torrance depends on many things, securing your release immediately after being arraigned through Highlow Bail Bonds is an important step in ensuring that you are re-united with your family or do not lose your job.

A lot can happen while you are just seated in a jail cell waiting for that court trial date. You can lose so much both financially and even emotionally. So, instead of just letting them lock you in there, learn more about Torrance bail bonds and how Highlow Bail Bonds is here to help your secure your release, just within the same day of your arraignment!


Why choose Highlow Bail Bonds?

At Highlow Bail Bonds, CA, we are all about getting you out of jail as fast as possible. Our experience and resources have enabled us to help most of our clients out of jail just on their exact same day of arraignment. Our bail bonds are the most reliable and convenient in all of the Torrance area. We understand that bail bonds are vital for bringing your loved ones home quickly. Therefore, we strive to offer the best rates in all the Torrance and surrounding areas, including but not limited to Carson, Compton, Redondo Beach, Gardena and Hawthorne.

Highlow Bail Bonds in Torrance is bonded, insured and licensed; allowing us to accommodate you in the best way possible. Plus, our services are always diverse and adaptive to different situations. For example, we can process Torrance bail bonds over the phone or travel straight to the designated location to ensure that everything is handled perfectly. From experience, we know how difficult and trying an arrest of a family member or loved one can be hard to cope with, regardless of the circumstances that led to it. That is why we are here to help you all the way.

In our services, we do not judge our clients at all. We are simply here to offer reliable service as well as some peace of mind as our bail bondsman proceeds to post bail to move your loved one from jail. We are also very discreet and strive to ensure that no one spends a night, month, or even year in jail without the chance to plead their case.

Ever had an experience with Torrance Bail or the criminal justice system before?

Not many have ever had an encounter with the criminal justice system or bail before. To you if you have little contact or information about the process, it can be quite intimidating and terrifying because of the potential hefty fines you can be charged, or the potential of incarceration. When one is arrested, the police proceed to book you. In some cases such as minor cases, the person booked is given a chance to post bail and be released shortly after being booked.

However, for other serious cases, such as corruption or fraud charges, the accused has to face a judge and the judge determines if a bail will be set. Such hearings often take place two days after the date of being booked. If bail is set but the accused fails to post it with the court, they will then have to wait in jail until their case goes to trial. And what’s worse is that this can take weeks and months. In the meantime, the person stays away from their family, friends and even stands a chance of losing their employment and source of income.

Torrance bail amounts are often set anywhere between 6 and 7 figures. These figures can be daunting especially when you do not have the capability to raise such large figures soon enough. While some very well to do individuals can afford to pay up the bail without any outsider help, most individuals do need the help of a reliable Torrance bail bonds company like Highlow bail bonds.

How do Bonds Work?

When a bondsman, an individual working with a bail bonding agency, puts up some bail fee for the release of a person in custody, the bondsman levies a fee of about 10% of the total amount of money required to support the bail. This initial fee is however non-refundable, even if the case is thrown out after the clients has already posted bail.

The bondsman takes out a security against the defenders assets to act as collateral for the fee raised to cover the bail. If a defender has no assets, then the bondsman can take out securities against individuals that are willing to assist such as friends and relatives.

If the defendant fails to appear in court on the day of trial, the bondsman’s only resort is to hire a bounty hunter to track the defendant down. But he also has the right to sue the defendant for the money given to the court as bail bond. The bail bond agency may also recover any unpaid money by forfeiting the assets placed as collateral by the defendant or those individuals supporting him.

Benefits of Consulting Highlow Bail Bonds

1. You get a chance to prepare for your case’s defense

Fighting the charges you have been accused of requires time and resources to prepare a solid defense. Honestly, there is no way you are going to do this well when seated in a Torrance jail cell. By using the services of Highlow Bail Bonds, you can be able to buy yourself adequate time to search for witnesses and collect evidence to help you build your defense. At Highlow Torrance bail bonds, you can trust to rely on our professional and trustworthy services. We will pay the total amount of your bond in the same day and let you or your loved one walk out of those jail cells instantly.

2. Get a quick release

No one fancy’s staying in a jail cell awaiting their trial or not knowing what next to expect. Therefore, Highlow Torrance bail bonds works fast to ensure that you get released from jail as soon as possible. This in turn saves you from losing your job and enables you to be there for your family. Just within hours after consulting with us, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will be breathing fresh air again.

3. We accept all forms of payment

We offer our clients a variety of options for paying the required fee. This includes cash, credit cards, certified checks, and even financing options. Using our Torrance bail bonds is an easy way of ensuring that your assets are protected. With a bail bond, you can be able to hold on to your property and money as you await trial or build your defense. Additionally, with Torrance Highlow Bail Bonds, the defendant in the case is protected from any unjust incarcerations. It also saves money and only a small amount of collateral will be required but it will be released after the case is closed.

If you or a loved one has been arrested in Torrance CA, do not worry. Call Highlow Bail Bonds immediately at 310-487-2428

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